Stone Restoration

Stone restoration covers a broad spectrum and incorporates many skills and knowledge including knowledge of the materials that you are working with, identifying the correct methods to ensure that no damage is caused to the fabric of the building and working alongside Listed Buildings and conservation authorities.

Much of the discolouration of Bath Stone is caused by pollution which is of course unsightly, but more importantly it can also cause decay of the stone which is why it is important to carry out cleaning.

Stone restoration by Pack Masonry, Bath

What We Offer

We offer gentle cleaning methods using Thermatech and nebulous stone cleaning along with vortex abrasive cleaning. We have extensive knowledge of lime mortars and local stone to ensure the closest match as possible to any project.

We also use our machinery to remove paint from natural stone properties using our knowledge and experience to breathe new life into painted stone buildings.

The images below demonstrate the results of stone cleaning and stone restoration on a variety of buildings in Bath and the local area.

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Restoration Gallery

Safe and Effective Cleaning

We use the ThermaTech® system to gently and effectively restore stonework.

ThermaTech® machines use superheated water to remove a range of coatings and soilings from different substrates.

The ThermaTech® offers many advantages over other systems – and not just in terms of site safety, reliability and portability, since it also exceeds their performance.