Saw shop

Using the latest & most up to date stone saw technology, this enables us to produce natural stone to suit your bespoke requirements. Our saw shop is equipped to produce architectural stone for multiple projects of all sizes. Click here to find out more.

Banker Masonry

We have a team of skilled stone masons who produce hand carved finished items of stone. We also have a lathe for stone turning and a planer to produce large runs of Bath stone to a bespoke section.


Using AutoCad we are able to produce design drawings and production schedules. Our drawings allow customers to envisage their ideas from a single element to a new house or large development. Click here to learn more.

PVC templates

Our masonry templates can be plotted directly from AutoCad onto PVC via our graph-tech machine. This service can be used for complicated templates that would take a long time or require a lot of space to set out by hand.

Site installation

From small projects such as stone walling or building restoration to large architectural natural stone contracts. A huge variety of projects can be undertaken by our team here at Pack Masonry Ltd. Our team can construct the whole superstructure, including brick and block work.

Stone cleaning and Restoration

Using Jos & Doff cleaning systems, our team can perform all aspects of stone cleaning including paint removal. Click here to find out more.



“Pack Masonry did a fantastic job of building a two-story extension to our house. They took immense care and thought to blend the existing and new elevations by removing some quoins and carefully selecting hand-cut, locally-sourced, stones and ashlar rubble. They helped us choose the perfect coloured mortar, and built the most stunning pair of ashlar stone arches to create a walkway beneath the first floor. The stonework for the windows and chimney details are also perfect. These guys are highly skilled and I would highly recommend them”.


“It’s been a long and often difficult build for a variety of unforeseen reasons, but the sheer fact that Pack Masonry and myself are still talking amicably proves that they really do care about getting the job done correctly and always address each hurdle as it presents itself.

From the matching of the used rubble stone to the existing, to the creation of the beautiful stone mullion windows and doors. I cannot fault the workmanship that has been used to tie in the old with the new.”


“Pack Masonry supplied the ashlar and the masons to build the stone walls for the rear extension to our Victorian house in Bath and for new ashlar garden walls . We were delighted with the quality of stone and with the workmanship of the masons. The project was well managed and supervised by Pack. This is a professional company whose staff go to immense trouble to ensure that their clients are fully satisfied with the quality of materials and workmanship. We recommend them without reservation.”